Contest Cup

Each member of the Interest Group RTTY may participate in the annual Contest Cup.
Your contest results should be submitted within 7 days after the contest, via the email reflector or directly at [email protected] ,
that's the deadline !

The contest cup manager will announce a ranking list on a monthly basis.
Any member may also be informed of the current status of the placements on this website.
After the last contest of the year, the final result will be announced.
Only contests where the RTTY mode is used and only RTTY QSO are accepted.

Every year will be presented a Cup for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and an  electronic Certificate as pdf file which will be sent to all participants via e-mail.

Your contest score count from beginning your membership.

We wish you good luck in the contest,  and stay tuned .....

Please read this important notice :

The Interest Group RTTY decided from beginning 2018 to count one Contest per month only for the Contest Cup Score, see the list below.

New in 2019 :

At least the four (4) Contests givin the lowest points in end of the year
( should you have worked all twelve (12) contests in the year )  , will be
withdrawn from the score. So at the end , there will be only eight (8) Contests scored.
That means that the four worst contests with the lowest results will be deducted from the score, respectively the eight best contests will be counted for the final score.
The QSOs of the four worst contests should be not lost QSOs and will be added to the Marathon Contest score.
Finally we decided to give no more QSO multipliers .

All the other Contests not contained in the list will not counted for the Cup score, but for the Marathon Cup score.

Contest Cup 2020 :

All rules and Contests from previous year will be inherited, good luck and have fun... de Dieter DF2SD.

January:  BARTG RTTY Sprint
February:  CQ WW WPX RTTY
April:  SP DX RTTY
May:  Alessandro VOLTA RTTY WW
September: CQ WW RTTY
October: The Makrothen RTTY Contest
November:  WAE DC RTTY
December:   OK DX RTTY

Contest Cup 2020 standings
Participations 2020 (click on standings to enlarge )
Contest Cup 2019 standings
Participations 2019
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Contest Cup 2018 standings


Participations 2018
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Scores 2017

Place          Main Call          Total Score          Participations
        1.        DM5TI          29390               20        (TROPHY)
     2.        DF2SD         25764                26        (TROPHY)
    3.        DL1DTL         19017                21        (TROPHY)
    4.        DJ4MH         16076                19
       5.        DJ3IW           13373                30
    6.        LX1ER          12949                14
    7.         DK6CQ        10577                 8
    8.        F4DSK          8936                  7
    9.        DL7VOG        6201                 8
  10.        DJ1OJ            5938                 8
  11.        GM0FGI        4130                  6
  12.        DM5JBN       3648                  6
  13.        DK1IP           3604                  1
  14.        DL1REM       3140                  3
  15.        DO6SR         2243                  1
  16 .       DK8ZZ         2160                  1
Contest Cup Certificate for 2020
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Contest Cup Certificate for 2019
( click on picture to enlarge )
Contest Cup Certificate for 2018
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Contest Cup Certificate for 2017
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