To contact us please write an e-mail to:   [email protected]
The Interest Group RTTY short IG-RY was created in January 2017 by a group of radio operators who saw a need for an independent organization devoted to the skill and art of radio operating, specializing in RTTY modulation.
Our main purpose is to compete as an interest Group and enjoy the competition and camaraderie of contesting.
A constitution was drafted, edited and voted on. It was decided that new members must be active in contesting. It was also decided that all new members will be voted into the group.
Group members keep in touch via our mailing list, Facebook, regular email contact and of course in our own WhatsApp Group.
We are currently seeking new members who are actively involved in contesting.
If you are interested in becoming a member, please submit an application to           [email protected]
The membership is free but a small donation is always welcome :)
The founding members are :

Joel Erpelding LX1ER , spokesman and finances
Marco Holleyn DJ4MH , deputy speaker
Dieter Bachorski DF2SD , web presence, contest cup, membership administration
Klaus Voigt  DL1DTL , assistance
Hartmut Stahr DM5TI , honorary member
Robert Baumgaertner, DO6SR
Please feel free and donate our new Group, thanks in advance ....
  • DL1DTL Klaus
    DL1DTL Klaus
  • GØFGI Tom
    GØFGI Tom
  • DL3LBP Walter
    DL3LBP Walter
  • F4DSK TM3Z Dimitri
    F4DSK TM3Z Dimitri
  • DM5JBN Eddy
    DM5JBN Eddy
  • DJ4MH Marco
    DJ4MH Marco
  • DM5TI Hartmut
    DM5TI Hartmut
  • DJ1OJ EA8OM EF8O Heijo
    DJ1OJ EA8OM EF8O Heijo
  • DC2YY DAØCA Markus
    DC2YY DAØCA Markus
  • PD1RP Peter
    PD1RP Peter
  • DL1REM Frank
    DL1REM Frank
  • PA4O Peter
    PA4O Peter
  • MM3AWD Scott
    MM3AWD Scott
  • GUØSUP Phil
    GUØSUP Phil
  • DL7VOG Gerd
    DL7VOG Gerd
  • DO6SR 9A5TU Robert
    DO6SR 9A5TU Robert
  • LX1ER LX8M Joel
    LX1ER LX8M Joel
  • IW1CBG Alfredo
    IW1CBG Alfredo
  • PDØME Mark
    PDØME Mark
  • DL1ZBO  Rainer
    DL1ZBO Rainer
  • DM2RM Ronny
    DM2RM Ronny
  • DK8ZZ YT3ZZ Zik
    DK8ZZ YT3ZZ Zik
  • DF2SD DF2F DQ9Y Dieter
    DF2SD DF2F DQ9Y Dieter
  • DK1IP DQ1P Wolf
    DK1IP DQ1P Wolf
  • DH8AF Eckard " Ecki "
    DH8AF Eckard " Ecki "
  • DJ3IW Goetz
    DJ3IW Goetz
  • VU2DED Ajaya
    VU2DED Ajaya
  • DF1QR DP7D Holger
    DF1QR DP7D Holger
  • VU2IBI Kash
    VU2IBI Kash
September: 15.09.2019, 1700 - 2059 UTC .
75 Baud RTTY only .
BANDS 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m, & 80m. For complete rules click → HERE
For amateur radio stations around the world to contact as many other amateur radio stations as possible on HF bands using RTTY Baudot mode.
Every year, last full weekend in August, from 12.00 UTC Saturday to 11.59

UTC Sunday (24 hours);  24 - 25 August. Click here for → RULES
Sponsored by the Scandinavian Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group.
Third full weekend in August 17 - 18 August 2019.
For more info click here → RULES 2019


Our IG-RY members could win the first place again. Our congratulations to all of you, stay tuned and carry on...

06.07. - 07.07.2019
First full weekend in July, starts Saturday 11:00 UTC, ends 10:59 UTC Sunday (24 hours).
for more Infos please click the Logo
GREAT ! The first little IG-RY Meeting at the HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen
was done. We've talked already about a bigger meeting for the next year,

HAM RADIO 2020. 
From left: Robert DO6SR, Dieter DF2SD, Scott MM3AWD, Joel LX1ER and Rainer DL1ZBO
Scott MM3AWD, Bernard PB7Z, Joel LX1ER and Peter PD1RP

our guest PA3OES André, LX1ER Joel, PB7Z Bernard, MM3AWD Scott, DF2SD Dieter and PD1RP Peter

We won again the Club Competition ! Our congratulations to all IG-RY members, well done !

Ukrainian DX Digi Contest 2019

4th full weekend of June, 22- 23 June 2019, 12.00 UTC Saturday through 12.00 UTC Sunday.
For the detailed rules please click here → LINK

The 3rd full weekend of June, 15. - 16.06.2019, 12:00 UTC Saturday to 11:59 UTC Sunday.
Sponsored by Ukrainian Contest Club (UCC)
For the Rules please click here → LINK

A new Call is born, DQ9Y :

the first own Club Call of the


Hope to see you soon down

the log ...

DRCG World Wide RTTY Contest 2019 - 08.06. - 09.06.

The contest takes place on the second full weekend of June each year. CONTEST PERIODS: Three (3) 0000 - 0759 UTC Saturday. 1600 - 2359 UTC Saturday. 0800 - 1559 UTC Sunday.

For the complete rules pse click on the Logo....


18.05. - 19.05.2019 , AEGEAN RTTY Contest , 1200Z - 1200Z , ---> Link
Alessandro Volta RTTY DX Contest 2019

The SSB and RTTY Club of COMO and the A.R.I. (Associazione
Radioamatori Italiani) are pleased to announce the details of the

53. "Alessandro VOLTA RTTY DX CONTEST".
This contest is organized to increase interest in RTTY mode as used by radio amateurs and to honor the Italian discoverer of electricity, ALESSANDRO VOLTA.
TEST PERIOD: from 12:00 UTC Saturday May 11, 2019 until 12:00 UTC Sunday May 12, 2019.

More Infos here → RULES

BARTG SPRINT 75 Contests 2019

Sunday 28th April 17:00z to 20:59z.
This short contest uses 75 baud RTTY and is run in April and September each year.

All logs MUST be received no later than 7 days after the contest.

For rules info please click here ( pdf document )

SPDX RTTY Contest 2019
The SPDX RTTY Contest organized the Polish Radiovideography Club

( PK RVG )
is held on the 4th full weekend of April, 27/28  April 2019.  
Contest Period:   12.00 UTC Saturday , through 12.00 UTC Sunday.
Bands:   3,5 - 28 MHz without WARC bands.

WAE DC Plaques 2018 - the IG-RY Team sponsored after 2017 again most of all winner plaques. Our congratulations to all winners.
EA RTTY 2019 - klick on the banner for rules
BARTG HF RTTY Contest 2019

02:00z on Saturday 16th March to 01:59z on Monday 18th March.

<---- for full info and rules please click the logo

YB DX RTTY Contest 2019

In 2019 the contest will start March 9, 2019 -> 00:00 UTC – 23:59 UTC
( 24 Hours )
" For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many countries and Indonesia (YB Land) contesters. "

Open Ukraine RTTY Championship

Every first full weekend of March, 02-03 March in 2019

The contest consist of two parts:

LOW BANDs-part includes 2 rounds:
the First round is 18:00-20:59 UTC,
the Second - 21:00-23:59 UTC (02 March);

HIGH BANDs-part includes 2 rounds:

the First round is 08:00-10:59 UTC,
the Second - 11:00-13:59 UTC (03 March).

LOW bands mean: 1,8 , 3,5 and 7 MHz,
HIGH bands - 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz.

Follow this LINK to the main rules webpage ---> LINK

DP7D in CQ WPX RTTY 2019 - a story by Marco DJ4MH

the Contest Gruppe Schöppinger Berg e.V. (CGSB) is the owner of HF station DP7D and VHF/UHF/SHF station (144 MHz up to 47 GHz + Laser) DF0MU. It is located on an old radar base in the north-west of Germany close to the netherlands border.

Quite all members of the HF-team are also members of our Interest Group RTTY, so we decided to take part in Multi/2 category. We also discussed about M/M, but conditions were too bad to start on more than 2 bands.

Strong winds did not allow us, to have all antennas at maximum level, so they were only about 17m above groud. We used 2 ICOM TRX IC7610 + PA. Software was N1MM+ with MMTTY.
Antennas: Dipole for 80m + beverages to 4 directions, Dipole for 40m + 2-El. Yagi, 2 x 4 El. Yagi for 20m to different directions and 5 El. Yagi for 15m, but 15m was almost dead, so it was also no problem, that our 10m is broken at the moment, we acknowledged no activity on 10m. On Sunday morning heavy rain started and we had major problems in RX on 40m and especcially 80m.
As usual we did also online score via and We
had a very close race with S549APR (S51A) as usual in all contests, but also this time

they beat us. I think we were in front 4 hours before end of contest, but they had the better finish. The online scoring is always a good motivation.
Also Holgers YL, Karoline, supported us very well. She was responsible for cooking and motivation.
If one of the IGRY members is interested to take part in a contest (not only RTTY) in
DP7D team, please contact us. We have a lot of space for caravans and of course also a "contest-hotel" with 4 beds, a fully equiped kitchen, a Barbeque corner and a toilet.

So we can not only have a good contest, but also nice team facilities.
The 2672 QSO's are divided for the IGRY members: DJ4MH DF2SD DF1QR DL1REM DH8AF DC2YY, this will be 445 QSO for everyone.

This is our result:
 CQ WPX RTTY Contest - 2019

Call: DP7D
Station: DP7D

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs
80: 790
40: 1058
20: 791
15: 33
10: 0
Total: 2672 Prefixes = 919 Total Score = 9,193,676

Club: Interest Group RTTY

CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest 2019

Do not miss to be a part of this world greatest Prefix Contest :

09.02. - 10.02.2019  , 0000Z - 2400Z  ---> LINK for Info

Mexico RTTY International Contest

02.02. - 03.02.2019 , 1800z - 1759z ---> Link for Info

The Contest and Marathon Cup Wooden Plates
2018, our congrats to all winners

The new Contest Cup Certificate for 2019

BARTG RTTY Sprint Contest 2019

12:00z on Saturday 26th January to 11:59z on Sunday 27th January.

" A 24 hour contest with the emphasis on speed. No RST to be sent to shorten the QSO. The contest
forms round one of the four contest series for the single operator
                  championship. "


Start at 00:00:00 UTC on January 19, ending 23:59:59 UTC on January 20 2019.
Click on the Logo for more Info

RTTY Roundup 2018


" Amateurs worldwide contact and exchange QSO information with other

amateurs using digital modes (Baudot RTTY, PSK, FT8, ASCII, AMTOR, Packet—attended operation only) on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands. Any station may work any other station. Stations may be worked once per band, regardless of mode.

First full weekend of January, but never on January 1. Begins 1800 UTC Saturday, ends 2359  UTC Sunday (January 5-6, 2019). "

Click on the Logo for current Rules !

New Year RTTY Contest

January 1st 2019 , 0800 - 1100 UTC .
Bands:  80 and 40 m only !

          Click on the Logo for Contest Rules !

" OK DX RTTY Contest is a project of the Czech radio amateurs - contesters. There is a standing high participation of the OK stations for long time. It has found a firm place among the world's contests many years ago. " (written by Milos OK1MP, OK DX RTTY Contest Director).
Dated : 00:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC Saturday, 15th of December.

The Ten-Meter RTTY Contest is taking a one year hiatus. Normally this

contest take place every year at the first full weekend of December.  

Worked All Europe DX Contest RTTY 2018

November, second full weekend
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 0000

UTC until Sunday, November 11, 2018,

2359 UTC .
Are you ready for QTC's  ?

Rules Info here ---->


We have the great pleasure to invite you to the 27th WW RTTY CONTEST conducted by JARTS (the Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society).
Every year, 3rd full weekend in October 20. - 21., starts 00:00 UTC Saturday, ends 23:59 UTC Sunday.
LINK to the rules, click here ---->
Our congratulation to

Hartmut DM5TI

for the first place !

In best condition

our team with a lot of man power in the WAE SSB DxContest 2018 .

Yes, we can contesting other modes as well hi ;-)

BARTG SPRINT 75 Contests 2018

This contest utilising 75 baud RTTY runs twice per year.
Sunday 29nd April 17:00z to 20:59z.


Sunday 16th September 17:00z to 20:59z
All logs MUST be received no later than 7 days after the contest.

Click here for the  ---> RULES

congrats to our IG-RY Team

Every year, last full weekend in August,

from 12.00 UTC Saturday to 11.59 UTC Sunday (24 hours); 

25 - 26 August 2018.

Sponsored by the
Scandinavian Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group.

Third full weekend in August 18 - 19 August 2018

0000 - 0800 UTC Saturday

1600 - 2400 UTC Saturday
0800 - 1600 UTC Sunday

DRCG DL-DX RTTY Contest 2018 -the Club Competition

Another great score and placement from our group - again we could reach the first place after 2017. Congrats to our members ! Let's do it again...! 

DMC RTTY Contest 2018

Start: 12:00 UTC -Saturday 21 July 2018
End: 12:00 UTC -Sunday 22 July 2018
(3rd full weekend of July)   click here for the rules ---> Link

iCOM IC-7610 , how works in Digi Modes ?

there are some nice videos on youtube about the new Icom IC-7610. 

Here this video showing the Icom in connection to N1MM+ , enjoy the video ---> Link

DL-DX RTTY Contest 2018
First full weekend in July 07.07. - 08.07., starts Saturday 11:00 UTC, ends

10:59 UTC Sunday (24 hours).
Contact and exchange QSO information with as many stations as possible. Any station may work any other station once per band.....  pse click on the banner above for the detailed contest rules ....

DRCG WW RTTY Contest 2018 - the Club Competition

After 2017 we could win again the Club Competition. Our congrates to our

IG-RY members for another great score.
Keep up the good work !


Sponsored by: Ukrainian Contest Club (UCC)
Date & time: The 3-rd full weekend of June (in 2018 it will be on 16-17 of June). 12:00 UTC Saturday to 11:59 UTC Sunday.
Bands: 3.5 - 28 MHz (excluding WARC bands).
Modes: RTTY (45.45 baud rate)

for more Infos please copy this link

DRCG WW RTTY Contest 2018, 2nd weekend June - 09./10.06.

CONTEST PERIODS: Three (3) 0000 - 0759 UTC Saturday. 1600 - 2359
UTC Saturday. 0800 - 1559 UTC Sunday.
For complete rules pse click on the logo above....
The SPDX RTTY Contest organized the Polish Radiovideography Club ( PK RVG )
          is held on the 4th full weekend of April. - ( 28/29  April 2018 ).

  1. Contest Period:   12.00 UTC Saturday , through 12.00 UTC Sunday.
  2. Bands:                 3,5 - 28 MHz without WARC bands.
  3. Mode:                  RTTY ......
  for more Info pse click on the Logo !

Organized by: Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles (URE).

To participate in this contest, the specific bases of the competition must be complied with, as well as the General Regulation of URE Competitions.

Participants: Any radio amateur anywhere in the world with a valid licence.

Dates: From 16:00 utc on Saturday 7th to 16:00 utc on Sunday 8th April 2018.

Mode: RTTY Baudot (Teletype).

Bands: 10, 15, 20, 40 y 80 meters,

in the segments recommended by the IARU for this mode.

..... click on the Logo for more Info !

The organizer of contest is the Russian Digital Radio Club.

The Russian contest on radio short waves communications Russian WW MultiMode
Contest by using the BPSK63, CW, RTTY and SSB modes is conducted according to
the present Rules annually in November.
We invite all fans of all modes to take part in 5th RUS-WW-MM from 12.00 UTC on Saturday 31st March till 11:59 UTC on Sunday 1st April, 2018.
Types of modulation:
The repeated contacts are permitted on different bands and different modes providing that a contact will be made not earlier than in 3 minutes.
The output power should not exceed the resolved power according to the radioamateur license of the participant.
The operator may change the bands no more than 10 times within calendar hour (with zero on 59-th minute of each hour).
Only one transmitted signal is permitted at any time.
Bands: 160 m, 80 m, 40 m, 20 m, 15 m, 10 m.
A separate category for the Russia and foreign participants.
More Infos at

BARTG HF RTTY Contest 2018

02:00z on Saturday 17th March to 01:59z on Monday 19th March.
Logs MUST be submitted via the RSGB ROBOT

no later than SEVEN DAYS after the end of the contest.
<--- Click on the Logo for more Info.
Some IG-RY members sponsored the WAE " Worked All Europe RTTY DX Contest 2017 "

plaques which are already received from their winners.

Rich N1IXF wrote to us :
 I had a very nice surprise in my 
post box this week.  There I found an envelope posted from Germany. 

Inside the envelope was a very nice
plaque naming me as the North
American Continental Winner 2017
RTTY in the Single Operator Low
Power category.
I wish to express my thanks to the members of the Interest Group

RTTY for their sponsorship of the plaque I received.  I will find a place to proudly display this plaque at my radio station.  Thank you for providing a nice reminder of my
Haben Sie vielen Dank und 73,

Rich Cady, N1IXF "

Wow dear Rich, no problem, it was a great pleasure for us. See you next ryryryry Contest ...

IG-RY Members on Tour

        DJ4MH         LX1ER     DL1REM          DM5TI            LX1ER            DO6SR

Z60A - KOSOVO Expedition for RTTY
Attached picture:  v.l.n.r      Ulli-DD2ML, Hartmut-DM5TI, Robert-S57AW, Gerd-DJ5IW

Z60A :
 a powerful unprompted DX Expedition into the Republic of Kosovo by IG-RY power, a report by DM5TI Hartmut ( still in german language )

Wenn man einen Anruf bekommt, ob man nicht einen noch unbenutzten Mode (RTTY)
bei einem brandneuen DXCC

in die Luft bringen möchte, kann man einfach nicht NEIN sagen. So eine Chance, wenn überhaupt, bekommt man nur einmal im Leben. Ein kurzes Telefonat mit

Dietmar DL3DXX brachte so vage Klarheit, was an Technik mitzunehmen sei. 
Klar war auch mit den Veteranen DJ5IW und meiner Wenigkeit wird das wohl nichts

Umwerfendes. Unbedingt musste da noch ein jugendliches Talent geworben werden.
Später kam dann noch Robert S57AW zur Contestunterstützung mit dazu. Das passte dann so einigermaßen.
Packen, Flugtickets, Bahntickets und die XYL von der Notwendigkeit dieses
Unterfangens zu überzeugen .. das alles in weniger als 12 Stunden.
Streß pur.
Angekommen im Kosovo dann die erste Ernüchterung. Lokales QRM heftigster Art.
Zwei Stationen zeitgleich zu betreiben konnte man wegen dem gegenseitigen QRM

und dem Absürzen der Amps auch vergessen. Ohne HP-Filter war das nicht beherrschbar, so die erste Diagnose.

Einen ganzen Tag haben dann DD2ML und S57AW im eisigem Wind und
Schneegestöber gebraucht um alle Drahtantenne abzubauen und die dann weiter
entfernt mit teilweise verändeter Polarisation wieder aufzubauen. Aus allem was noch
an Koaxkabeln ( auch meterweise ) vorhanden war wurden Stubs gebaut.

Hurra, die gegenseitigen Störungen waren fast weg, der Contest konnte nun mit
minimalen Störungen mit zwei Funkstationen (M2) gefahren werden.
Dafür gebührt DD2ML und S57AW besonderer Dank.

Die Tage vor dem Contest im Expeditionsmodus waren recht gut zu beherrschen.
Man konnte den Splitbereich fast nach Belieben auseinander ziehen. Stundendurchschnitte um die 150 Qs / pro Stunde und Station waren normal.
Das hat ganz gut geschafft .. nach 3 Tagen standen rund 6000 RTTY QSOs im Log.

Dann kam der Contest mit völlig anderen Bedingungen, die Stunden der Wahrheit.

Kein ( oder nur zeitweise sehr wenig ) Split war möglich. Das zusätzliche QRM und die Verärgerung der Meute wegen stark abfallenden Raten, haben uns schon vorher beschäftigt. Dazu das lokale QRM und die absichtlichen Störungen durch einige Idioten.

Wir haben wirklich mit unserem gesamten Können dagegen angekämpft. Das 80m JA Pileup war wohl das Härteste, was ich (DM5TI) je persönlich erlebt habe. Dazu noch das ständige Reingeplärre von Leuten ohne jegliche Disziplin ( Dauerfeuer ). Ich habe mir ab und zu die Zeit genommen, wenn es mir gereicht hat und habe diesen Typen mit Callnennung gesagt, was ich davon halte. ( ich hatte dafür extra ein Macro

gebastelt ) Das hat meistens für ne halbe Stunde gewirkt, leider nicht länger. Eine gute Methode war auch nachdem man 1-2 Buchstaben/Zahlen sicher hatte, die mit only, only xyz aufzurufen.
Nach 6 Stunden Contest ist uns einer unser beiden microham MK2 im wahrsten Sinne

des Wortes abgeraucht ( wahrscheinlich HF ). PTT und FSK ging noch, aber kein CAT mehr.
S57AW hat als echter Computerfreak dann irgend etwas zusammen gebastelt, damit

es mit der zweiten Station auch wieder weiter gehen konnte. MK2 ist leider nicht mehr
zu reparieren.

Allem in allem ein Wunder, dass trotz dieser vielen Handicaps es noch 4500 QSO geworden sind. Nach claimed Scores dürfte es auch der Weltsieg geworden sein. Für
uns Freude und auch Dank zugleich, dass wir >10.000 RTTY QSO fahren durften und

somit vielen, vielen Hams in aller Welt zu einem neuen DXCC in RTTY verhelfen konnte.

73 Hartmut DM5TI

DXPEDITION Summary Sheet

       Start Date : 2018-02-17

      CallSign Used : Z60A

      Operator(s) : DD2ML, DM5TI, DJ5IW, S57AW (3 Tage)

         1,8  RTTY         3           3     0   1,0
         3,5  RTTY    771       771    0   1,0
           7   RTTY  1361    1361    0   1,0
         10   RTTY  1025    1025    0   1,0   
         14   RTTY  1724    1724    0   1,0
         18   RTTY    663       663    0   1,0
         21   RTTY    157       157    0   1,0


   Operator(s) : DD2ML, DM5TI, DJ5IW, S57AW

       Band     QSOs     Pts  WPX  Pt/Q         

         3,5    1253    5408  309   4,3

           7     1889    8442   397   4,5
          14    1183    2951  254   2,5
          21       186      526    27   2,8
       Total   4511 17327 987   3,8

            Score : 17.101.749
Antennen:  3-Band Beam 10,15,20m in 40m Höhe über Grund,  für 17,30,40,80,160m  Drahtantennen, keine Antenne für 12m
Station: K3S + ACOM1010, K3 + expert 1K3, Notebooks, N1MM+ , Netzwerkgekoppelt

Gearbeitet wurde in 4 Stunden Schichten.

LX5IGRY in CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2018 with IG-RY Power :
Rainer DL1ZBO and Gerd DJ5TT with LX5IGRY on the air, at the station of Joel LX1ER

Mexico RTTY International Contest

03.02. - 04.02.2018  1800Z - 1759Z

The 3 Wooden Plates

for our Contest Cup Winners 2017
Our Congratulations
The new Certificates for 2018

Marathon Cup 2018


As an additional incentive for RTTY operation the IG-RY starts a Marathon Cup for
its members.
Note: The IG-RY Contest Cup is not affected by the new Marathon Cup.
The Marathon Cup runs from 01. January 2018 to 31. December 2018.
All RTTY QSOs may be claimed except those made in the Contest Cups list of
QSO numbers will be added up - no multipliers used.

The results of Multi-Operator activities shall be divided by the number of operators
giving the individual QSO number.

Click on Navbar " More " for more informations or

02nd of December 2017 - Dortmunder Amateur Radio Market : from left DJ4MH Marco, LX1ER Joel and DF2SD Dieter

could present the new Shirts from the IG-RY Group. A big thanks to Marco for the organisation.
Important Notice :
The Interest Group RTTY decided from beginning 2018 to count one Contest per month only for the Contest Cup Score.

At least the contest givin the lowest points in end of the year , will be

withdrawn from the score. So at the end , there will be only 11 Contest scored.
All the other Contests not contained in the list will not counted for the Cup score.

January :        ARRL RTTY Roundup - your QSOs multiplied with 2
February :      CQ WW WPX RTTY - your QSOs multiplied with 4
March :          BARTG HF RTTY - your QSOs multiplied with 2
April :            SP DX RTTY
May :             Alessandro
June :             DRCG WW RTTY - your QSOs multiplied with 6
July :              DRCG DL DX RTTY - your QSOs multiplied with 6
August :        SARTG WW RTTY : your QSOs multiplied with 2

September :  CQ WW RTTY : your QSOs multiplied with 4
October :       JARTS WW RTTY
November :   WAE DC RTTY - your QSOs multiplied with 4

0000Z-2400Z, December 16th 2017

OK DX RTTY Contest is a project of the Czech radio amateurs - contesters.

There is a standing high participation of the OK stations for long time. It has found a firm place among the world's contests many years ago.


Milos OK1MP              
OK DX RTTY Contest Director

For more Infos pse click on the banner

The " Deutscher Amateur Radio Club " (DARC) invites radio amateurs

world wide to participate in the annual WAE RTTY DX Contest.

November, second full weekend.

Saturday, November 11, 2017,

0000 UTC until Sunday,

November 12, 2017, 2359 UTC

<--- Click on Photo for more Info

" We have the great pleasure to invite

you to the 26th WW RTTY CONTEST

conducted by JARTS "

<--- Click on Banner for more info

starting: 00:00 UTC Saturday, Oct. 21 thru 23:59 UTC Sunday, Oct.22 in 2017

The Makrothen RTTY Contest  is under new management, and the

results of the 2016 running of the event are available on the Pizza Lovers 259 (PL-259) website. The Makrothen menu at the top of the page lets users navigate to the rules, results, logs received, certificates, and more. The results of the 2015 event are now being compiled.

Waldemar Kebsch, DK3VN, and others created the Makrothen RTTY Contest, which

continued for many years.

Makrothen RTTY Contest Manager Stu Phillips, K6TU, credits Scott Mcleman, MM0LID,

who handled logs and scoring for 2016, as well as RTTY stalwarts Jeff Stai, WK6I, Ed

Muns, W0YK, and Don Hill, AA5AU, for their guidance and assistance.

The Makrothen RTTY Contest is held each year during the second full weekend of

October in three separate periods. Operators may participate in any or all of the

periods. The contest employs distance-based scoring, with a band factor for the band on which the contact is made. ( Info by ARRL News )

Next Contest

October 14th, 2017
0000Z – 0759Z

1600Z – 2359Z

October 15th, 2017

0800Z – 1559Z


anyway, there are some contests more to find on this Webpage :

by WA7BNM.
For example the Russian RTTY WW Contest will take place at 2nd September in time

peroid of 24 hours. Like every year, on that first weekend in September it will be take place the IARU Region 1 SSB Fieldday....

Hmmm lets think about a RTTY Fieldday Contest ? Hope the dreams comes true hi ....

de  DF2SD Dieter.



Every year, last full weekend in August,

from 12.00 UTC Saturday to 11.59 UTC Sunday (24 hours);

in 2017 (26 - 27 August).

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WOW! A great result is to announce with just a " handfull "
of RTTY contest specialists ! That's to honour and the
way of the planed future where we'll be to find ......

Robert DO6SR and Joel LX1ER on the way to the annual HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen

SARTG WW RTTY Contest 2017 

3rd full weekend in August 19 - 20 August 2017


Contest Periods:
Three (3) separate periods,

0000 - 0800 UTC Saturday
1600 - 2400 UTC Saturday
0800 - 1600 UTC Sunday              (click on Logo for more information)
North American QSO Party

The North American QSO Parties are favorites of

beginners and seasoned operators alike. The NAQPs are low-power only (no amplifiers allowed)

which makes for a lot more breathing room on the bands. Small stations can generate very

effective “runs” in the NAQP contests. Multipliers count once per-band, which makes for an exciting format, as multipliers can

be “moved” from band to band. The NAQPs allow stations from all parts of North America to be in the running for the top spots. The 12 hour format allows participants to do some great contesting, yet still have time for other activities during the weekend. Participants can enter in the single op or

multi-op categories and also have the opportunity to combine up to five separate single op scores into a team score. (Text from Webside)

RTTY: 1800 UTC July 15th to 0600 UTC July 16th, 2017

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12:00 UTC -Saturday 15. July


                                                                                           12:00 UTC -Sunday 16. July

                                                                                           Link to ---->  Rules

1st weekend July - 01./02. July 2017
DL - DX RTTY Contest :
First full weekend in July, starts Saturday 11:00 UTC, ends 10:59 UTC Sunday (24 hours). -----> RULES

2nd weekend June - 10./11. June 2017

World Wide RTTY Contest :
The contest takes place on the second full weekend of June each year.

CONTEST PERIODS: Three (3) 0000 - 0759 UTC Saturday. 1600 - 2359 UTC Saturday.
0800 - 1559 UTC Sunday. Follow here for the rules ---> RULES
It runs every third (3rd) weekend of May,

from 12:00 UTC Saturday till 12:00 UTC Sunday.
For 2017 from 20th to 21st of May. Here you can check the

Contest Rules -->

RSGB 3.5MHz Club Championship Contests

" A series of short evening contests on 3.5MHz, promoting competition between affiliated Societies " says and promises the RSGB Contest

Committee - for sure, there are to find some short evening contests where

is included RTTY mode as well, for a fully year .....

Look at  RSGB 3.5MHz CCC  for detailed informations.

51th. Alessandro Volta RTTY Contest

13.05.2017, 1200 UTC --> 14.05.2017, 1200 UTC

The SSB and RTTY Club of COMO and the A.R.I. (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani
) are pleased to announce the details of the 51th "Alessandro VOLTA RTTY DX CONTEST". This contest is organized

to increase interest in RTTY mode as used by radio amateurs and to honor the Italian discoverer of

Helvetia Contest


29. – 30. April 2017

13:00 UTC – 12:59 UTC

Rules as follow in GERMAN and ENGLISH

Spring Digital - held on the last full weekend in April. 0001 UTC Saturday through 2359 UTC Sunday.

The SPDX RTTY Contest
organized the Polish Radiovideography Club ( PK RVG )

          is held on the 4th full weekend of April. - ( 22/23  April 2017 ).
Do not miss to submit your contest score into 3830 Scores under or click on the Logo above.
It's always nice to see the first few of scores considering your last worked Contest. 3830 is used from lot of HAMs around the world and mostly they publish their score shortly after the

IG-RY Team active as DP7D during CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2017


Dieter (DF2SD), Marco (DJ4MH) and Frank (DL1REM) were active from the DP7D Contest Station between Muenster and the PA border. We had some help from DC2YY, DH8AF and DL3SF. We decided to enter the M/2 category with 2 stations running on different bands, but without any multiplier station.

As the station setup was ready (thanks to DL1REM) we could start with pre-contesting beer on

Friday afternoon. After some Einbecker and Krombacher beer, we were ready to start at 0000z

with 40m (DF2SD) and 80m (DJ4MH). In the morning time, we changed operators for the first

time. Conditions were not too good, but on the livescoring table we were able to see, that we did

a good job. Unfortunately we had some problem to set up our livescore and started late to post our scores at .

Saturday afternoon we recognized that the 40m dipole had some SWR problems, we lost some

QSOs while searching the reason.

After 24 hours we had nearly 2000 QSOs in our log, this was not too bad, be we were sure to reach our target score of 10 million points, as 9,5 million is the usual high score for German M/2

teams. On Sunday we were able to bring another 1300 QSOs in the log and we reached a claimed score from 12,293,100 points – this means the second best German result in M/2 category ever.

We contacted stations from 113 different DXCC-countries.

We used N1MM with MMTTY & 2tone connected to 2 x IC-756 Pro3.

We had much fun with our small IG-RY team.

Thanks to all callers and see you in the next RTTY-Contest.

Mexico int. RTTY 04. to 05. February 2017, a

short report by DF2F :

It's a nice warm up

Contest one week before the CQ WW WPX RTTY. It have been nice to see that

some short DX openings

were possible else on the

15m band. We can only hope that the ConDX will be better or at least the same. We'll see ...

We wishing all the best luck and we hope to catch you all on the bands !  vy 73 de Dieter DF2F DF2SD.

Contesting, Tips & Tricks

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Joel LX1ER is in the hospital at present time, and will be operated during the
CQ WPX RTTY contest weekend. Get well old boy, everything will be good ...

snowy greetings from Robert DO6SR